ignoring kangin.


131010 Heechul’s Instagram Update: Trap scenes in between (feat. Gunhee) Rushed bbuing bbuing (>_<)/~ (trans cr: Nksubs)

We’re all like sungmin….


With food…


When you ate something good…


With bubble milk tea…


Trying to make your friend jealous by eating good food…


Avoiding your friend who wants to stop you from eating…


When your mom founds out that you’re eating something that you shouldn’t be eating…



(…)No matter when or how you met Super Junior. The most important thing right now is that you love us and that you cherish us with all your hearts. Of course, we can’t explain how thankful we are to all the people who came here for us. We want to thank you all face-to-face, looking into your eyes and shaking your hands. These people caring and loving Super Junior are our E.L.F.
All our fellow E.L.F, the names, the faces, the places might be all different, the amount of your love towards us is all the same. We know that already! Of course we don’t care if you met us now or 4 years ago, our heart that keeps thinking of you will never change. There is a special password that only you and we know, right? The color of our balloons, pearl sapphire blue. On stage, when our view is covered by a pearl sapphire blue sea we feel that there are people who could be by our sides forever. Those who makes us deeply moved, our E.L.F! We thank you very much and we love you. To the people that always supports us: We love you .

@kimheenim Trap scenes in between (feat. Gunhee) Rushed bbuing bbuing (>_<)/~ (cr)

the sound of super junior

butt shaking all over the place

taec & eunhyuk dancing to crayon pop ‘bar bar bar’